History Shortform 2

        1966 - 1967 BROWN CAMPS LIMITED

        John Brown is free to shape his pioneer model in the care of children, i.e., to be entirely responsive to the needs of emotionally disturbed children rather than being responsive to the needs of the organization

        Reduced chain of authority led to decentralization of program and its entire structure

        Area supervisors assigned to a number of treatment houses in 1966 given geographical area

        Resource Bank : professional persons to provide all technical skills needed by househeads and child care staff; thus each therapeutic family had available to them knowledge, experience, judgment of psychiatrist,psychologist, child care staff, social workers, etcetera,available 24 hours a day

        Each person in Resource Bank assumed an ADVISORY capacity not an AUTHORITY position




Summer 1966 - Camping facilities for 100 children at Red Stone Lake, Ont.


Fall 1966 - Programs opened in Hali- burton with 25 children

        Newmarket opened with 30 children

        Saskatchewan opened with 7 children

        British Columbia opened with 11 children

        Muskoka Lodge opened with 70 children


1967 - Brown Camps Ltd. opened program in Windsor, Peel County and Scarborough opened with focus continuing on community living and treatment homes located in the community

Expo '67 - all families organized together for visit to Expo

        "Warrendale" co-winner of Canadian feature film prize at Montreal Film Festival

        "Warrendale" winner of Arts and Experiments prize at Cannes Film Festival in France


Fall 1967 John Brown elected to Ontario Legislature




1968 Brown Camps seemingly scored a first in Ontario legal history. An Appeal was launched against a decision of a Juvenile Court Judge on the disposition of a child to Training school under Section 8 of the Training School Act

Rights of children everywhere to grow up in their own family and not be cut off from the human community were affirmed in York County Court.

        Judge Ian MacDonnell,hearing the Brown Camps Appeal against a previous conviction of violating Scarborough zoning bylaws,dismissed the charges. May 14, 1968

        Scarborough Municipality appealed to the Supreme Court of Ontario and Brown Camps lost - split decision


May 31 1968 Charter applied for in 1966 was approved by the Department of Education to form Brown Camps Residential and Day Schools.

        A new residential and day school program in Ontario evolved from former Warrendale program and Brown Camps Limited

        Officially licensed with the Children's Boarding Homes Act


Spring 1968 - 40 children in residential treatment in Saskatchewan

        40 children in residential treatment in British Columbia


July 1- Browndale officially established as a non-profit, charitable organization with all the assets of Brown Camps in Ont.:

        a residential school for disturbed children with facilities for camping, farm school, pioneering and urban family life

        Ran programs in B.C., Ontario, Saskatchewan and included some children from different American States

        In Ontario, houses in Peel County, Bramalea and Scarborough

        Browndale accepted children placed by both public and private child-caring agencies at a specified per diem rate

        Only way private individual could obtain treatment for child was to have child become a ward of Children's Aid Society, consequently many parents were reluctant to give up custody of their children and many did not receive the services they needed

        Saskatchewan program growing with more children, also offering services to children from Manitoba, Alberta and State adjacent to Saskatchewan

        British Columbia - more children in program developing their own unique camping styles


Summer 1968 - Involvement Magazine began publication


1970 - New programs grow out of Muskoka program : Midland, Barrie and Thunder Bay


Sep.21 - A proposal for treatment of seriously emotionally disturbed children in their own homes or foster homes submitted by the Board of Browndale to the Provincial Government


April 1 1971 - The Children's Mental Health Centres Act was introduced :

        main function of Act to bring under the Act, all organizations offering services to emotionally disturbed children, and thus standardize agencies and set up a criteria for extending services to children

        Children could now be placed privately with treatment organizations : the cost of treatment covered by the

        Government without the parent having to give up the legal rights to the child

        Act also stipulated that only children whose families were resident in Ontario could receive services from the accredited Ontario treatment centres.

        Children from U.S. could no longer live in residence in Browndale

        Browndale officially accredited under the Act and so regarded as an acceptable agency