A Story Poem

by Jerry Logher Muskoka





The Blue Grass

We came to the place at last we have found the blue grass the man said.

The Green Walk That Moved

I stand here and the walk will take me to where i wish to go.

The White Tree That Fed Me

 All i have to do is reach for the white tree and eat some and i'll live for ever.

The Air Above Me That Kept Me Warm

It was made of a big glass globe it kept me dry and gave me sunshine.

The Work That Had To Be Done

  There was one man that controled the grass the walk the tree and the globe.But there was a   bigger person that controled that one man.

The Games They Played

  My robot will beat your robot easy said the small boy.

The Close They Ware

  The girls wore purple and the boys wore red.

The Music They Had

  Their music was spacecy music and only they could hear it

Their only Enemy

  Their only enemy was night and they could not defeat it.

The Animals They Had

  They were pink, blue, orange, yellow and they were fat skinny some crawled  and some flew.




  They drank from the silver lakes and rivers.

Animals that Lived in The Thirst

  They were gold and brass and nickle to

they were bubble shaped and

arrow shaped and came in all sizes to

they moved fast and slow.

Where They Lived

  Where they lived i really don't know.

Their Time

  Their time stood still and dare not move a wink.

Why They Lived

 They lived to be turned to death and to

live their life that really had know meaning.

An Enemy Came

  The colour black came in a cloud form now they knew that even that one man could not save them or the thirst or the white tree.

What was Left.

  As the cold wind blew past they turned to stone and no longer was there the colour blue,    green, orange, or purple but the coulor black and grey and all was left was stone and ashes.

  For They did not know what they lived for and nor do we so beware of our only enemy for it  may once approach us and there will be nothing there except the coulor black and ashes.


The Enemy




Tell me, you brutal people;

you put us here.

Tell me the real reason why.

Life has it's own cause;

It's just a because.

If Mother Earth would tell

I think things would go well

For people of many kinds.

That is one reason for the binds

Of the poor and the blinds.

Everyone suffers  now or later

But earth will get the first haters.


by Dale Owens, 17, Toronto 


If I Let You Get To Know Me


If I let you get to know me,

Will you promise me for sure,

That you'll stand close by me

Even if my mind's impure


If I yell and scream and holler,

Will you promise not to leave,

But stay close and suffer with me

Until I find relief.


I know that when I'm angry,

I say things that really hurt,

I spit at you and call you names,

And drag you through the dirtr.


If you can take my anger,

And not leave me to my own,

I might let you get to know me,

In this fortress I call home.


by Carol Dukoff


*Dedicated to Warrendale/Browndale staff and resodents I had the honour of working with and knowing from 1964 to 1986