Trip to the Woods

trip to woods2

by Jackie Adshead, age 16, Peel County

At twenty five to four today we started down Black Bird to Sunny Hill to the woods. Of course I had to go around everything, like the mud. Then we came to the river and Ricky and I jumped over. We walked on, ducking under trees and branches. Soon we came to where we were going.

John, June and Bobbie jumped over the river. Bobbie is on the raft and June is waiting for her turn. Ricky couldn't get over. He needed some encouragement by June. Bobbie's still on the raft. Ricky's in the water trying to get a piece of board. John is giving June a shoulder ride. Ricky is going to make a raft. Bobbie's still in the water. John, June and Ricky wandered off to talk to this man.

Bobbie's trying to get the raft into deeper water. At least he's trying. Now he's pulling it but it's stuck. He tore a board off by mistake. He's out of the water, now he's in again. He's trying to get a rock out of the way. "Heave ho, Bobbie." He made it. Now he's pulling again. He's standing on it just looking around. Well, he's back to pulling again. He just got a soaker.

June, Ricky and John are back with some wood. And cans? They are helping Bobbie to make a raft. Bobbie wants to be the first to try it, but June says, "You can't do everything." Bobbie wants to be second then but June said Ricky should. Bobbie is still trying to get the other raft through. John went to get some more cans.

Now they are working on the new raft. Bobbie just came back to see what they are doing. (I think he wants to help). Ricky and Bobbie just disappeared, I think to get some more wood. June is now trying the raft.

One of the cans are sinking. June is going down, down, Bye bye June. Some little kids are near the old raft. A man (looks nice) is having fun watching us.

June took off her shoes and socks and rolled up her pants (even though she's already wet). John and Ricky wandered off and June is sitting trying to fix the old raft. Bobbie is fooling around with the new one. It sunk and he fell in up to his waist.

Ricky and John are back. Bobbie went to help June. That man is still here. Bobbie is lying on the ground trying to save a stick out of the water. June and Ricky are doing something with a string and the raft. They are all trying to get the raft out from where Bobbie got it stuck.

Some more little kids came to watch. John, June Ricky and Bobbie got the raft out. But June got on it and it started sinking. John is pulling the raft that sunk. Now they are way down the river. Ricky is here with me. He is trying to get across the river. Made it. Now to follow the others. Ricky's trying to get aboard to go down the river.

We have to go now. Ricky is mad because he did not get a turn on the raft. John said he could. June just got a soaker. June and Bobbie are fooling around with the raft. Ricky brought another raft. That man's still here.

Bobbie is sinking on the raft (again). Ricky's going on now. Bobbie's pushing him out. He is now on his own. June is all wet. Bobbie is on a tree watching Ricky. June is putting her shoes and socks on (finally). Ricky's stuck. Everyone's just watching now. June fell into the mud. The man is laughing at all the fun we are having. He seems nice.

Ricky can't get out but June is going to help Ricky out of the water. Bobbie's coming out of the tree now. We are going home. (Finally). John said it's 4:30. I'm going back the easiest way. Two girls are fishing. Bobbie and Ricky have to cross the river again. June is ahead. She is carrying her socks. The boys are behind. Now they are running.

We are now on Sunny Hill Dr. Now on Black Bird Dr. June is at home, Ricky is behind again, dumping out his boot. Water came out. (A lot of course). Bobbie's feet hurt, because of stones and water. Both boys are now walking barefoot (with stocks) up the street, making foot prints because of their wet feet.

We are now on Oberon Cres. The boys and John are running home. I am walking slowly trying to write. I am almost home but it is kind of hard to do both. I'm in the driveway using the wall to write. I am now HOME. (Finally).

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